Solar Panel Installation

SGS are your local award-winning, MCS accredited installer of Solar PV and Renewable Energy Solutions. We help customers choose greener solutions in Salisbury and the surrounding areas.

Solar PV Installations

Generating renewable energy with Solar solutions (Solar PV) can help you save money on your energy bills and give you a long term greener future.

Solar power installations are quickly growing and our team of experts will ensure your solar panel solution is installed to the highest quality with all health, safety and environmental standards being followed at all times.

Now is the time to choose solar to start generating your energy for free. SGS are an accredited MCS  member and EPVS registered, so you can rest assured that we’re qualified to help you choose the Solar PV solution that’s right for you.

Customer review:
“SGS designed and installed a solar-panel system and we were very pleased with the outcome and the level of efficient service with which we were provided by Nathan and his team. We’ve started reducing our electricity costs and contributing to the grid, and it feels good to be helping to save the planet!” – Peter Dix (5 Star Google Review)

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Benefits of Solar Power

There are many benefits to using solar power, some financial and some human. With energy prices increasing, Solar PV should be high on the agenda to consider investing in.

Some solar power benefits include:

  1. Cut your electricity bills
  2. Store excess energy
  3. Greater independence
  4. Reduce your carbon footprint
  5. Helps fight climate change
  6. Receive payments for additional energy you generate
  7. No VAT on the overall installation

Roof orientation can be an important factor for your solar panel installation. In the UK, a south facing roof will usually produce the best results, but you can get good outputs from east and west facing roofs too. A north facing roof receives the least sunlight and will therefore  the least efficient orientation.

A 35-40 degree pitched roof is normally the best to produce the most amount of energy, but most roofing surfaces can be accommodated. Shading factors, i.e. trees and other buildings, need to be taken into account at design stage but all good installers should discuss this with you.

There is normally a solar solution to fit most situations, we will discuss the best options during your consultation.

Although it’s not essential to have a battery system, it can be a worthwhile investment for the complete renewable energy solution.

How much you would benefit from a battery system, largely depends on your pattern of energy usage. For example, if you’re out most of the day and your electricity usage is at its lowest, your solar panels could be generating more energy than you actually need. The addition of a battery system stops this excess energy from going to waste, by saving and storing it so you can switch to battery power at night, when your solar panels no longer generate energy. This makes a battery system a worthwhile investment.

Having a battery could also help support your home if there is a power cut with the use of a power back-up system.

Most solar panel installations are granted as part of “Permitted Development” so standard solar panel installations should not require planning permission.

However, if you live in a listed building or home, world heritage site or conservation area, it is always advised to seek permission before entering a solar PV installation. This does not mean it can not be done but permissions should be sought.

Believe it or not, the UK can generate a considerable amount of solar energy to make your solar solution a good investment. We’re even on par with other European countries for Solar Power generation.

Although solar energy works best in the summer months, when daylight hours are at their longest, you can still generate power throughout the year in the UK. If it’s a cloudy day, your solar panels will still work, but the total power it can generate will be reduced.


Why choose SGS for your installation?

Our aim is to make your solar journey as smooth as possible. As an MCS and EPVS accredited solar panel installer we provide a fully comprehensive solar panel solution, from design to installation and an unrivalled after care service.

Partnering with leading solar brands we have a reputation you can trust and 35 years of expertise providing the best solutions available in the market.


Our process starts with an initial survey including environmental location checks and a full measure up.

Product Selection

We choose the best products to fit your solution including availability and cost analysis delivered in a personalised report.


Once agreed, we then book in your installation and set to work on saving you energy and money in your home.

Start your solar power enquiry

If you are interested in getting a free quotation for your solar installation or just want to learn more, please contact our customer service team where your journey to free energy will start.



Solar Battery and Home Energy Storage

SGS offer a range of Solar Batteries and Home Energy Storage Solutions, that are suitable for use with or without a solar PV system. Giving you the ability to literally “save” energy.

Learn more

Ways to Pay

We offer a range of flexible finance options to help spread the cost of your new installation, whether it’s for an EV charger, a new kitchen or Solar PV system. Contact us to discuss the finance options available to you.

Learn more

Smart Home

SMART home solutions give you the ability to take control of your heating, lighting and security system. You can even switch the lights and heating on while you’re out, so you don’t have to return to a cold, dark home.

Get Smart

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