About SGS

Delivering property services and solutions for your home and business

Our full end to end service.


Whatever job we're asked to do, creating a relationship with our customer is our number one priority. We really listen to our customers so we can fully understand their needs and objectives, to ensure we deliver the right solution to meet all the requirements of the job at hand.


We know that showing you what you will get is important to the process, so once we understand the requirements from the original enquiry, we put pen to paper and design the solution or system that you will need. From here you will get formal quotes with delivery and installation times that work around you.


Once the design, quote and timings are agreed – we then get to work. Our highly qualified and professional engineers and installers visit your property and start the installation of your solution with the least disruption possible. We always clean and tidy up after ourselves leaving you to relax and enjoy your new installation.


The good news is we don’t just walk away after your installation is complete. We're always on hand to maintain your property and are ready to do other work which you maybe considering. Our philosophy is to create a relationship that you can always call on in your hour of need. You also may want to consider our SGS Service Plan which is our VIP service for our customers.

Our Business

SGS Heating & Electrical Ltd are an independent property services and solutions business, based in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

From small beginnings in 1988, SGS began as one man, a van and a dream. Taking his industry knowledge, business owner and director Mike Fone laid the foundations of a heating and electrical business that served his local community with a tailored, more human to human service that met the everyday demands of customers’ heating and electrical needs and requirements.

Mike Fone quote: “Living and working in my local community for many years, I listened to feedback about the service people expect from our type of business. Over the years we have adapted and changed, and continue to do so, to offer a holistic approach for peoples properties. Property care is what we do, and when you place SGS at the heart of your home, our aim is to give you complete peace of mind”.

We're more than just heating and electrical experts

During the 35 years that SGS has been in trading, the way we heat, power and light up our homes and businesses has changed dramatically. Despite all this change our philosophy has remained the same – to provide customers with a trusted and quality service.

Although heating, plumbing and electrical services remain at the core of our business, we’re not just heating and electrical experts. We also provide home improvement solutions including kitchens, bathrooms and small building works, renewable energy solutions such as Solar PV, heat pumps and home energy storage solutions, EV chargers and more.


Our customers are our priority

We like to wrap a blanket around our customers home. We provide award-winning services that supports thousands of homes  and properties in the local area, SGS serves hundreds of homes per day with emergency and planned services making sure our customers are never left wanting.

With over 50 professionals covering a 30 mile radius around Salisbury, Wiltshire, we install and repair electrical, heating and plumbing services while also providing total room solutions including bathrooms and kitchens. We also serve towns and cities in Hampshire and Dorset including Andover, Winchester, Romsey, Southampton, Bournemouth and Warminster to name but a few.


Our Vision

We want to be The Single Solution for our customers that have a need or want in their property. Providing the best customer service, the right solutions and value for money are always at the centre of our business and we’ll be on hand 24/7 to make sure we keep the heart of your property beating, giving you complete peace of mind along the way.

Contributing to a renewable and energy efficient world

Whatever we do, we aim to be clean and green. We continually learn and introduce many renewable solutions for our customers to take full advantage of natural sources including air, wind and water. Fossil fuels are not renewable and we are using more than can be produced. Providing new green, clean and sustainable energy solutions is our goal to help reduce energy bills that are increasing yearly. We pride ourselves on understanding and embedding new technologies for our customers so if you’re thinking of going green – give us a call.


Your Single Solution to Property Care

We are proud to serve Salisbury and its surrounding areas. Please feel free to give SGS a call for all your heating, electrical, plumbing, building and energy saving requirements.

Offering unrivaled solutions and services within a 30 mile radius of Salisbury, we operate 24/7, 365 days to fulfill the needs of our customers.

If property care is what you’re after, then give us a call. SGS is your Single Solution that gives you peace of mind at the heart of your home.