Go Solar

June 13, 2023

Nathan & Luke, from our renewables team, have just finished the installation of this unobtrusive Solar PV system and it’s already saving our customer money on their energy bills.With all this lovely summer sun, it’s the perfect time of year for generating free energy and this happy customer really is getting the most out of their new GivEnergy system.

They would have been paying almost £160* for the electricity that’s already been generated, but thanks to a new GivEnergy 3.6kw Gen 2 Hybrid inverter and 2 x 5.2kw solar batteries (and a little help from all this lovely sunshine!), they’ve only paid £4.87*.

This energy-saving installation consisted of:

  • 12 x Trina All black 415w Panels (6 x East & West Split & 6 x South facing)
  • 1 x GivEnergy 3.6kW Gen 2 Hybrid inverter
  • 2 x 5.2 Kw GivEnergy solar battery storage – to tie in with the Octopus flex tariff
  • 1 x MyEnergi Eddi – A product that diverts surplus power to immersion for gas saving on hot water
  • Van Der Valk Flat Roof equipment


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(*Calculations made using £0.64p p/Kwh which the customer is actually paying over the time period shown in the images).