Barn gets Solar Makeover to Power Home

May 16, 2023

Here’s a recent Solar PV installation by Nathan Hollywood and Luke Washer (part of SGS Renewables Team) where our customer used an outside building to house the solar system to feed the home with free electricity. ⚡

Contrary to popular belief that you should only have a South facing roof for solar, this install encompassed an East & West split solution using 36 x Perlight 415w all black solar panels with Huawei optimisers for better panel efficiency.

The system was completed with a 10Kw Huawei battery storage set up to collect excess energy produced to power the home at times when the home needs it. 🔋🌛

Solar PV Installation on Barn

All our MCS Accreditations and applications are completed by SGS for and on behalf of the customer, making it nice and simple. ✅

The system today helped the home become 85% self-sufficient from the grid. ✊

Happy customer 🙂. Happy energy bills ⚡️. Happy planet 🌎.

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