Heat pumps

Air source, ground source and water source heat pumps are a solution to your greener future

Heat pumps - Renewable heating solutions.

Thermal energy, or heat, runs through our outside environment every day.

A heat pump is a product that captures heat from outside and transfers it into your home. It does use electricity, but the amount of heat delivered into your home far outweighs the quantity of electricity used to power the heat pump.

As part of the the UK’s 2050 Net Zero target, heat pumps are fast becoming an affordable solution to heat your home, backed by a government grant – BUS (Boiler Upgrade Scheme), to aid customers wanting to go green and support the net zero target.

It’s time to step up the heat. Change now to a heat pump solution.

Different types of heat pumps

In the main, there are 3 different types of heat pumps.

All have the power to take thermal heat generated from natural resources like air, soil and water and transfer this heat from the outside into your home. To do this, a heat pump uses small amounts of electricity but the heat produced will far outweigh the energy consumed.

The UK’s 2050 net zero target is a key driver for heat pumps, and now is the time to take action with government incentives such as BUS (Bolier Upgrade Scheme) driving this change.

Types of heat pumps available include:

  1. Air source heat pump
  2. Ground source heat pump
  3. Water source heat pump

Why choose SGS for your installation?

Our aim is to make your solar journey as smooth as possible. As an MCS accredited heat pump installer, at SGS we provide a fully comprehensive solar panel solution, from design through to installation.

Partnering with leading brands we have a reputation you can trust and 35 years of expertise providing the best solutions available in the market.


Our process starts with an initial survey including environmental location checks and a full measure up.

Product Selection

We research the best products to fit your solution, which includes product availability and cost analysis all delivered in a personalised report.


Once agreed, we then book in your installation and set to work on saving you energy and money in your home.

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