Winter Is Coming! Is Your Home Winter Ready?

November 8, 2021

The clocks have gone back and dark nights are here and the cold is starting to set in… Some peoples’ dream, or some peoples’ nightmare. The question we ask is, are you prepared for winter?

The big switch on is upon us again and with this comes stress on some of the services and appliances that may not have been used for a while in your home.

As we all know, keeping your home comfortable and running efficiently during the winter months can be difficult, and more so than ever this year, as fuel shortages and rising energy prices threaten to hit every home a little harder than usual.

However, it’s our mission at SGS is to keep your home warm, bright, and cost-effective all winter long. For some quick win ideas and to find out more about how to combat the winter, read on to see all the ways that we can help you prepare for those colder months…


Boiler Servicing

We think it’s safe to say that one of the last things you want in the middle of winter is a boiler failure! Not only does a failure usually result in no heating or hot water, but shelling out for a boiler fix, or a new boiler altogether, can hit hard on top of all those other winter spendings.

By getting your boiler serviced before the cold weather really sets in, you can reduce the risk of having to pay out further down the line. On top of this, a boiler service will make sure your boiler is running at its most efficient, saving you money on your energy bills!

At SGS, we can service all boilers including natural mains gas, LPG, electric, and oil boilers. Our gas-safe certified and highly accredited installers are the local experts in boiler servicing, so you can trust us to keep your boiler running all winter.


Central Heating

Central heating is arguably the most important part of keeping your home comfortable during winter. Once the cold weather arrives, you will want to keep your radiators piping hot, healthy, and running efficiently.

The thing is, your boiler could be working perfectly, but issues with your actual central heating systems could cause them to work at reduced power and efficiency.

SGS’s power flushing and magna cleanse service uses an innovative and thorough process to fully clear out your central heating systems, making your radiators feel brand new again. Not only will this keep your home lovely and warm, but it will also help with keeping your energy bills down as your heating system will run more efficiently!


Magnacleanse Step by Step Process

Fireplaces and log burning stoves

Picture this – it’s a dark winter evening, outside it’s cold, wet, and windy. You and your family are watching TV in the living room, keeping wonderfully warm and cosy with a blazing fire. Doesn’t that sound idyllic?

Not only can a fireplace, either gas or wood-burning, be a beautiful addition to your living space, it can also be extremely efficient and save you money on your bills.

At SGS we pride ourselves on being a Single Solution provider. This means you can get your dream fireplace from our Salisbury Gas Shop, and SGS engineers can fully install it in your home, including doing any carpentry or building work that’s required!

Outdoor entertaining with patio heaters and firepits to keep you warm

Just because we’re coming into winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your outside space! Even with Halloween and Fireworks Night behind us, there are still plenty of other opportunities coming up for hosting parties and events during the winter months (is it too early to think about Christmas?). Having a stunning winter-friendly outdoor set-up can make your winter get togethers unique, special, and even a safer environment to entertain in!

Just like with our fireplaces, you can find a wide selection of patio heaters, BBQs, and outdoor heating for your home at our Salisbury Gas Shop. SGS can provide you, even install, your heaters and BBQs, including installing any outdoor power sockets you may need, as part of our Single Solution service.

Lighting and electrical solutions for ambience, relaxation and safety

Light is part of everyday life, and when the sun goes down, artificial light takes over and is essential to our daily routines. It helps us to work during hours of poor lighting and illuminate our nights, and as darker nights fall upon us your lighting will be in more demand than ever.

But when you come to turn on lights that may not have been used in a while, you could experience failures for a number of reasons. On top of this, using your lighting more in the winter inevitably leads to higher energy bills during those darker months.

SGS’s team of expert electricians can help you combat all your lighting challenges. If you find yourself with a lighting failure then we can come out to make repairs, and if you want to cut down on your energy bills then we can install new high-efficiency LED lighting. We can also design and install bespoke lighting plans to give your home an amazing new atmosphere, keeping your home beautifully filled with light when it’s pitch-dark outside!

24 Hour Emergencies

Even if you do everything right, book your services, and prepare your systems for winter as best you can, there is always still a chance that something could go wrong. During the rest of the year a heating failure or electrical outage may not be as impactful, but over the winter months these failures become emergencies, as you can find your home without essential heat or light.

We are proud to offer a reliable 24-hour emergency service, whether it’s for boilers, plumbing, or electrical needs. With an expert team always on hand, and a fleet of vehicles equipped and suited for any road (or track!) and any weather, you can rely on SGS to get to you quickly and safely this winter.

SGS Award Winning Team
SGS Award Winning Team

No matter whether it’s a boiler service, a magna cleanse, new lighting, or an emergency, SGS is here for you this winter. Now is the perfect time to prepare your home for winter, so simply get in touch with our friendly and professional team.

If you have an emergency, no matter the time of day, your location, or the weather, you can rely on us to get to you. In an emergency, call us on 01722 331 066.