June 22, 2023
When a boiler in a Commercial Business in Salisbury caught fire, an SOS call was made to SGS to come and take a look.

After an initial inspection, it was no surprise to our customer that the existing boiler couldn’t be saved and a new one was the only option. During initial discussions and free consultation, we listened and understood the requirements of the business,  then built a specification to present the different options & solutions available.

We also assessed the elements of the existing system which could be safely retained in order to keep costs to a minimum. It was finally agreed that a Worcester Bosch GB162 Regular condensing boiler would be installed as this best fitted their requirements.

Fitting day arrived and after totally draining down the system, we carried out a full chemical flush and Adey radiator clean, to remove all the debris and sludge that had built up in the old system. This is something we usually recommend for all new boiler installations in preparation for fitting a new one, so the new system can work to its optimum efficiency (*Please note, the type of clean depends on the condition and the type of the existing system. There are a variety of options available). Below is an image of James surveying the damage to the old boiler.

And the new installation work began…
Here’s the full breakdown of the installation:
  • Worcester Horizontal flue and plume management kit
  • Worcester Bosch GB162 Regular condensing boiler
  • Worcester pump set with 100kw heat exchanger
  • New expansion vessel in order to seal the new installation
  • New manual filling link to enable the new installation to be pressurised
  • New condense waste & an uplift pump for the condensate to discharge
  • A new System Filter, fitted to protect the boiler heat exchanger against damage caused by sludge, making this item an imperative part of the installation
  • New system strainer filter, for existing heating pipework & new gas solenoid valve
  • We utilised existing Controls, valves and radiator network to keep the costs down as these were salvageable and safe to use
  • Input Adey radiator cleaner and carry out chemical flush to make the system more efficient
  • We insulated the new and existing plant room pipework
  • As part of our service we always run safety checks to ensure the safety & suitability of any existing equipment
So finally, here’s Dan looking proud of himself having just finished the installation. Another job well done!

Although replacing a boiler is often an unexpected and unwelcome expense, in the long run it can actually help save you money on energy bills, because new modern boilers are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Like the A-Rated Worcester Bosch GB162 installed here.

If you need a new boiler, or your existing boiler needs a service contact us now:


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