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ImmerSUN Controller

SGS Heating & Electrical are a proud supplier of ImmerSUN.

If you already have Solar PV or are thinking of having it installed, the ImmerSUN controller will control your existing immersion heater on your hot water cylinder and utilise all would-be exported energy to heat the water in the cylinder.

ImmerSUN solar PVWhen installing a Worcester CDi Compact combination boiler, the ImmerSUN device can be used in conjunction with a direct, unvented cylinder. This cylinder can then be used as a buffer tank to feed the combination boiler with pre-heated water. The ImmerSUN is designed to prioritise the hot water cylinder before the remaining energy is exported, with absolutely no effect on your export tariff.

It is advisable to use the ImmerSUN on Solar PV installations from 2.5kW and up. This is a very simple system as it communicates with your electricity meter and knows exactly how much energy is being exported. Even it’s a few watts, it will trickle that energy into the cylinder. Once the temperature of the cylinder has been satisfied, the controller will continue exporting the electricity back to the grid.

With an average 3kW system, an ImmerSUN controller could increase your annual savings by a further £200 and can increase the lifetime of your boiler by reducing usage. Please see brochure for more information.


ImmerSUN Product Brochure


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