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Enphase Micro Inverter

SGS Heating & Electrical are a proud supplier of Enphase micro-inverters.

Enphase micro-inverters have now taken Solar PV to a whole new level. Currently and in the past, when installing Solar PV, you would use a traditional inverter which converts DC power from the panels into AC power for use in the home via a series of cables, isolators and a standard inverter. These new micro-inverters are attached to the rail system under each individual panel on the roof and convert DC power to AC before leaving the panel.

Enphase micro-inverters solar PVThis makes for a much safer installation and eliminates the early technology inverters and has several other benefits as follows. Firstly, the Enphase micro-inverters only require 16V to start operating as opposed to traditional inverters that require 120V. This means that your panels will begin to generate energy earlier in the morning in very low light conditions and continue generating energy until later in the evening.

Secondly, because each panel has its own inverter they are able to perform independently from each other. For example, with a traditional inverter should one single panel become soiled/shaded the inverter is designed to operate at the level of the lowest performing panel. So a little shade or debris on the panel can have a serious effect on panel productivity, unlike with the new Enphase micro-inverters only the soiled/shaded panel will lose productivity. Even worse, with a traditional inverter, if a single panel was defective or broken the entire string of panels would not function, effecting your tariffs and energy usage.

Another benefit of Enphase micro-inverters is that panels can be located anywhere on the roof and in any direction, maximising on roof space. Finally, the manufacturer guarantees the Enphase micro-inverters for 20 years, protecting your investment for the lifetime of the installation and comes with a full, comprehensive monitoring package.


Enphase micro-inverters Product Brochure


Enphase solar PV how it works


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