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New Year’s Resolutions for your Boiler

Happy New Year! While you’re sat thinking up all the ambitious New Year’s resolutions that you’re 100% going to stick to all year, why leave your boiler out? Here are some useful promises you can make to improve the efficiency and lifespan of your boiler in 2020.


Annual Service
This might be an obvious one, but make sure one of your resolutions is to get your boiler serviced by one of our engineers this New Year. This can help to notice little issues before they turn into massive problems later on, so you won’t have to worry when next Christmas rolls around! Contact our team to book your annual boiler service today or you may wish to consider our service club for breakdown protection all year round.


Spring Cleaning
We know the holiday season can often mean that household tidying is slightly lower down on the priority list than usual. How about you commit to including your boiler in your regular cleaning routine? We recommend giving the outer casing of your boiler a check, especially if it’s situated in the airing cupboard. It’s important that the area around the boiler isn’t cluttered.


Pipe Insulation
Here’s one that might help you with another classic New Year’s resolution: saving money on energy bills! By insulating your pipes, you reduce the heat loss meaning your boiler works more efficiently.


Bleed Your Radiators
Dig out the radiator bleeding key from the bottom of your drawer and have a check of all your radiators this New Year. Gently turn the key, opening each radiator valve to slowly release trapped air. This quick and simple task can have a massive impact on the performance of the heating system in your home.


We know that New Year’s resolutions are rarely fun or easy to stick to, but I’m sure you’ll agree that these are pretty simple ways to commit to a healthier, happier boiler that will keep you going all year! Or if you’re feeling like a proper change, how about New Year, New Boiler…?


Any enquiries on how to stick with these boiler resolutions? Call us on 01722 331066 or get in contact today!

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