MagnaCleanse: How to Keep Your Boiler Healthy/Working Efficiently

June 24, 2019
With things heating up and our boilers taking a well-deserved break, now’s the perfect time to think about servicing your heating system. There are various processes and things you can do to help look after your boiler and keep it healthy. Two popular ways to keep your boiler working efficiently for longer is the MagnaCleanse and Powerflush. In this article, we explain how our MagnaCleanse maintenance service works, why it’s important and the advantages of choosing MagnaCleanse over Powerflush.



The Adey MagnaCleanse is a process that combines Adey’s RapidFlush filter system with the Adey VibraClean agitator. The RapidFlush filter consists of two large, powerful magnets that filter out the magnetite within the radiator network.

Unlike some agitators, The VibraClean agitator is compatible with all SDS hammer drills and is great for freeing up sludge and blockages without removing radiators!

How it works:

The entire MagnaCleanse process depends on the size and condition of the heating system but can be carried out within as little as two hours. The following process is accompanied by photographs displaying a completed MagnaCleanse for a very happy customer!

  1. The heating engineer will drain the heating system and connect the Adey RapidFlush filter onto the heating pipework.
  2. If you have an existing Adey MagnaClean filter on your heating system, the RapidFlush hoses are directly compatible with those
  3. MagnaClean connections. Other system filters can be adapted to allow connection to the RapidFlush hoses.
  4. The heating system is then filled with water and Rapid Flush System Cleaning chemical is added. This chemical starts to work quickly to soften hardened sludge.
  5. Whilst the heating system is running and the system pump is moving water around the radiator network, the magnetite held within the radiators sticks to the two large magnets. To help free-up magnetite within the radiators, the engineer will connect the VibraClean attachment to his hammer drill and use it on the surface of the radiators.
  6. The engineer will pause the flush every so often to clean the magnetite build-up on the twin magnets.

Healthy Boiler

Why is flushing your heating system important?


By maintaining a clean radiator network, it improves performance and efficiency which reduces central heating bills by as much as 6%!

Radiators also produce sludge which, if left to build-up, can damage components of your boiler, shortening its lifespan. If you combine a MagnaCleanse flush with a permanently installed MagnaClean filter, you can give long term protection against sludge build up.

Reasons for choosing MagnaCleanse:

Uses the typical system pressure which reduces the risk of pressure related damage to your heating system.
MagnaCleanse flush is a cheaper option compared to Power flush if not more effective.

If you’re considering a MagnaCleanse, contact us today and get a quote!