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Low-carbon Electricity Milestone

With green energy being such a hot topic and an important part of our future, SGS take a keen interest in the environment and sustainability of our planet’s resources. As such, we provide our customers with the best possible advice and information, offering alternative solutions and options when it comes to energy efficiency in their homes.

In 2017, more than half of the electricity generated in the UK came from low-carbon sources. This milestone means that more of our electricity came from nuclear and renewable energy sources last year than from all fossil fuels combined. Wind alone generated more than twice as much electricity as coal!

According to Carbon Brief, monitor of climate change and energy policy, renewable energy (comprising of wind, solar, hydro and biomass) accounted for just under 30% of electricity generation last year with a further 21% coming from nuclear power. Fossil fuels supplied only 47.5% of all electricity generation in 2017, down from 75% in 2010.

The UK electricity sector also made other historical advances in 2017, including its first coal-free day since 1882 and new records for wind and solar generation, which led the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to dub the year the “greenest ever” for electricity.

Whim of the Weather

Although the largest increase in energy generation for a single source came from wind, which was up 31%, nuclear remains the single largest source of low-carbon electricity in the UK – and the second largest source overall. Wind, solar and hydro are all weather dependant, with solar generating the bulk during summer and wind and hydro more productive during winter months.

As a nation we are still very much reliant on gas, and although gas generation fell by 7%, it was still the single largest fuel used by far, supplying some 40% of energy generation last year. Gas emissions are also four times larger than the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) suggests will be needed by 2030, to help meet the UK’s legally-binding carbon targets.

Winds of Change

Whilst we are still a far cry away from ‘being green’, this low-carbon electricity milestone shows a truly positive move in the right direction, a movement that we are witnessing here and now. These figures are tangible evidence that we can make a difference and that there is hope for a better, brighter future.


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