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Heating Advice For New Homebuyers (Part 2)

Checking the condition of your home heating system and identifying whether any additional work will be required is essential when looking to buy a new home.  In the second in this three-part series of blog posts, we will help you know what to expect, enabling you to better plan your finances for the future. (Missed Part 1? Read Now)

What to look for?

An Old Heating System

Understandably an older boiler system will not be as efficient as its newer counterparts and could be an early sign of high energy bills or much needed repairs to come.


If you are not seeing these things, then you may have an older system in place:

  • A small, round flue made of plastic
  • New, or modern-looking control / control panel
  • A magnetic filter and scale reducer on the boiler
  • White piping coming from the boiler
  • For regular or system boilers, the cylinder’s 3-port valve is not leaking (always a good sign!) and that the components look relatively new


Try Before You Buy

Buying a new top?  Try it on first.  Buying a new car?  Take it for a test drive.  Buying a new home?  It’s the same answer, test that everything to ensure it works as it should.

It may seem obvious, but seeing whether everything works as it should in a property is often overlooked.  You’re spending a significant amount of money, at least make sure it’s fit for purpose.

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Basic Tests:

  • Turn up the heat. Wait 10 minutes and check that all radiators are heating properly and whether they have modern thermostat valves to control output
  • Under pressure. That morning power shower may be just a distant dream if the water pressure is low.  This can be fixed with a good shower pump, so ask if there is one already fitted whilst you’re there.
  • Go with the flow. In addition to the water pressure of individual fixtures, see how the system copes with multiple demands by turning on several at one time, across two or more locations (i.e. Bath/shower and kitchen sink)

If you are looking to invest in a new home it is always good to get a professional opinion.  A comprehensive condition report will provide you will all the information about the condition of your home energy systems.

This will also highlight any areas that may require attention, which means you are better informed of the potential costs.

Having a condition report, as well as all the installation and servicing paperwork for your home could significantly reduce your home insurance.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how you can benefit from a full report, boiler servicing, plumbing and more.  Our engineers are NICEIC, GasSafe and OFTEC qualified, ensuring the best service for one of your most valuable assets.

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