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How To Choose The Right Cover For Your Boiler

One of the most common types of cover types for domestic boilers is service and maintenance, or a service plan. Service plans are there to offer protection for your boiler and peace of mind when it comes to looking after the most important part of your home heating system.


How Do I Know I’m Getting A Good Deal?

There are many options when it comes to selecting boiler cover, and it’s almost guaranteed that your energy provider will want you to buy into their offering – but how good a deal are you actually getting?

Just because you use them for your gas and/or electric, doesn’t meant that they are the best value-for-money option for you and your home. All too often we hear of how customers have been sold so-called ‘unbeatable’ packages by their energy providers, only to find later down the line that they are paying significantly more than they need to be or even the level of cover they have does not cover the needs of their boiler and heating system.

The first lesson to take away here is to take the time to understand what is included in your service plan, and determine whether any additional cover adds value for you. Don’t automatically assume that because your energy provider is offering you this service that it is the best (or cheapest) choice for you.


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Now equipped with the inside knowledge to find the best boiler cover for you, how about taking a look at our best-ever boiler service plans? They start at just £7 per month and are guaranteed to tick all the boxes.

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