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Heating Controls

SGS have a range of intelligent heating controls designed to enhance the integral efficiency of our heating systems.

Why invest in intelligent controls?

More efficient heating system – The operating efficiency of a condensing boiler can be increased by as much as 13% when used with correct controls.

Regulations and best practice – In addition to the end users’ requirements, there are also current and future regulatory influences on the control of heating.

For new and replacement boiler installations you must have either: a timer or programmer with a room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves or a programmable room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves.

Heating and hot water control options

Mechanical timers – Simple to operate and offer the minimum features needed. Basic mechanical timers control the times for your heating only. The ‘teeth’ on the mechanical dial are used to control 15 minute periods and the heating pattern set will be the same every day.

Digital timers and programmers – offer greater flexibility in controlling heating and hot water. Digital timers, programmers and programmable room thermostats provide more options. As a general rule, the controls can program different patterns for different days of the week which can be particularly useful for weekends.

Intelligent controls – Achieve the greatest efficiency from the boiler. The latest range of boiler controls not only respond to the users’ settings but also assesses and adjusts the boiler’s output to make it more energy efficient.

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Worcester Wave heating controls 2Worcester Wave – Control Your Heating From Your Mobile Phone Or Tablet

Bring internet connectivity to your Worcester heating and hot water system.

The Wave is a smart, internet connected programmable control for central heating and hot water which can be operated using a smart device.

Watch the video below or click here to find out more about Wave heating controls.


SGS heating services are available in the areas of Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire including Bournemouth, Salisbury, Andover, Fordingbridge, and Southampton.

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