Energy & Sustainability

Energy saving, Carbon Reduction and Sustainability in business. It's part of our foundation.

Saving water at work

The world is on our hands

SGS are committed to working with businesses to enable a sustainable, low carbon, energy saving and cost-effective future.

We enjoy taking care of our clients spaces and people that are important to them and in the communities in which they operate.

We will tailor your individual partnership approach to help future proof your organisation with best practice procurement and on going service and facility management to support the UK Net Zero challenge.

Some of our services and solutions include:

  • Solar PV
  • Sustainable heating
  • SMART Buildings
  • LED Lighting
  • Water efficiency
  • Carbon reduction
Commercial solar PV

Commercial Solar PV

If you want to use Solar PV, to help you reduce your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint through the power of the sun - then we can help. Using your energy consumption profile, we will design an optimal system size, including PV batteries and EV chargers if needed, and install your solutions to reduce your energy bills.

renewable source energy

Sustainable heating

Using the outside elements to give you heating and hot water is now part of everyday life. Thermal energy is all around us, in the air and ground. A heat pump captures heat that is already in the environment, therefore does not burn any fuel which means no carbon dioxide emissions. Heat pumps are the future of heating so now is the time to act.

SMART Building Installations

SMART Buildings

Ever thought about how SMART technology can help you run your business? Having a smart building that uses innovative technology will enable economical and efficient resource usage while also creating a safe and comfortable space for its occupants. Start being smart and get connected today.

Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial LED Lighting

Old lighting systems are inefficient and can waste energy. In fact, up to 40% of a commercial building’s electricity can be due to inefficient lighting. If you haven't already done so, investing in energy efficient lighting can save you thousands of pounds each year whilst also improving the ambiance and productivity in your business. In most cases it's a simple switch and should be your first point of call for savings, safety and building ambiance.

Saving water at work

Water efficiency

If you're a business looking for ways to reduce operational costs, you can start by detecting and fixing simple water leaks and fitting insulation to hot and cold taps. Taking care of leaky faucets, pipes and taps can reduce water bills by as much as 30%. Implementing a water saving strategy should be part of your maintenance plans as well as introducing innovative technologies with sensor-controlled and low dispensing water devices.

Carbon reduction

No single company has all the solutions needed to combat climate change. However, partnering with organisations with a clear focus and plan to 'do your bit' will help reach the UK decarbonisation goals of Net Zero by 2050. We can help you with energy efficient and sustainable solutions that combat carbon production and will help your business take part in the challenge we have. Start your carbon reduction programme today, not tomorrow.

Need a single solution service provider?

If you are in need of a regular maintenance contract that suits you or a 24/7 breakdown service to keep your business going without disruption while we fix the problem quickly and efficiently, then choose SGS.

As part of our service, we can audit your equipment and deliver scheduled maintenance in line with regulation to keep your equipment serviced and maintained to the highest health and safety standards.



Facility Management

Ever considered outsourcing the maintenance and upkeep of your commercial building? Why not check out our facility management services that will give you peace of mind every day.

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Business Solutions

If you are in need of a bespoke business solution, then SGS could be right for you. Offering a full suite of solutions and services for your building why not give us a call and see what we can do for you.

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Industry Applications

No matter what application, segment or business you work in, we will be able to help you with your heating, electrical, plumbing and building works. With SGS you will get complete peace of mind.

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