Boiler Service Club Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of SGS Service Club
Last Updated: October 2017

Period of Agreement
If you pay monthly by direct debit, your agreement is on-going until you tell us you would like to cancel or if we cancel the agreement (see Cancellation Policy). You may cancel the agreement at any time. For all other payment methods, your agreement runs for a period of 12 months from the start date / renewal date.
We will notify in writing any changes to pricing or terms and conditions.

Start date
The date in which we process your application.

Initial Safety Inspection
If you wish to join SGS Service Club, an SGS Engineer will fill in an ‘Initial Safety Inspection Checklist’ so both parties are aware what has been checked.

Yearly Inspection
An SGS Engineer will carry out the safety and performance inspection once a year.
We will inform you in writing when your service check is due.

Cancellation Policy
We will cancel your agreement if:

• You give us false information
• You do not make an agreed payment
• It is not possible to find parts to keep your system working safely
• Circumstances arise which make it inappropriate for the contract to continue

If WE cancel the agreement, we will:

• Give you a refund pro-rata to the length of time left of your 12-month agreement term

If YOU cancel the agreement with us, we will not normally give you a refund.
We require a notification in writing to cancel.
However, you are entitled to a full refund if you cancel within 7 working days of acceptance, providing that SGS have not carried out any work.

If you cancel your agreement after SGS have commenced work, we may charge you an amount that brings your total payments up to £40.00 if we have also carried out an initial safety inspection (or £25.00 if not).

Spare Parts
If we do not carry the spare parts your repair requires on the day, we will endeavour to find parts from our suppliers. We may use an approved alternative or reconditioned parts by the original manufacturer.

The work will always be carried out by one of our engineers.

Using Personal Information
Information you provide may be used by us to:

• Identify you when you contact us
• To assist us with accounts, services and products we have provided before, now and in the future

Through CIFAS system (the UK’s fraud prevention scheme), we and other organisations may also access information about you:

• To help make decisions about credit related services for you and other members of your household
• To check your identity to prevent money laundering, unless you give us other satisfactory proof of identity

We may monitor and record communications with you (including telephone conversations and emails) for quality assurance, legal, regulatory, and training purposes.

Our Responsibilities
We will meet our responsibilities under this agreement within a reasonable time unless it is impossible for us to do so because of circumstances beyond our control. We will not be responsible for delays caused by our suppliers and/or their agents.

Exclusions to the SGS Service Club

1. Adjustments to time and temperature controls
2. Replacement of decorative parts
3. Any domestic water supply from the hot water cylinder or appliances including taps, showers and sanitaryware
4. Any cold water cistern, mains water supply, cold water supply network
5. Inherent defects or inadequacy to the original design of the system / appliance(s) and consequential damage or loss arising from defects
6. Pipework, wiring or flues buried in the fabric of the building including underfloor heating
7. Any defects or damage caused through malicious or wilful action, negligence or third party interference
8. Any defect or damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, flood, storm, tempest, frost, impact, or other extraneous cause
9. Any defect or damage occurring from a failure to public electricity, gas or water supplies.
10. Any work arising from hard water scale deposit, system contamination or damage from aggressive water
11. Removing asbestos associated with the repairing of the appliance system
12. Replacement or repair of thermal stores, immersion heaters or the repair of fan convectors
13. Replacement of towel rails, LST and designer radiators, including any associated valves
14. Replenishment of chemical treatments
15. Complete appliance replacement for any reason
16. Replacement of internal gas supply pipework
17. Any increased cost of utilities, loss of water services, loss of earnings, any retrospective cost for items not relating to the repair of the heating components
18. The cost of any improvement to the heating or hot water services
19. Powerflushing, removal of sludge, limescale, magnetite sludge and other debris in the system
20. The electrical wiring care plan standard bolt-on pricing is limited to properties with a maximum of 4 bedrooms

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