Bathroom Installations in Salisbury

May 21, 2019
At SGS, we offer more than just heating and electrical services! Recently we were required for two mammoth bathroom installs that really tapped into our industry knowledge! The following two bathroom installs required different levels of involvement from our highly skilled plumbers.


Bathroom Plumbing install, Thistlebarrow Road, Salisbury

Our expert plumbers were called upon to install all major plumbing works for this bathroom project in Salisbury. Our team worked alongside the builders who managed the project to help complete the bathroom installation for the customer. It was our 30+ years of experience that really set us apart and meant that we were chosen for this task.

We fitted new compatible plumbing systems for the customer’s contemporary bathroom. Our second-to-none plumbers fitted piping that allowed both hot and cold water to feed through the pipes. This complex install resulted in one flow of temperature-controlled water through the wall-mounted tap.

This bathroom project also included installing a mixer shower valve for the walk-in shower with a diverter to two shower heads, a basin and heated towel rail. The builder and customer were thrilled with the brand new bathroom and the incredibly high standard of our neat and tidy plumbing. These photographs display a completed bathroom install – plumbing and all!

Bathroom Installation, Salisbury

For this project, we worked closely with the customer to design this impressive bathroom. Our extensive industry knowledge was used throughout the entire project to help deliver the client’s dream bathroom while ensuring viable plumbing.

This in-depth bathroom project also involved sourcing and installing the materials. We meticulously installed underfloor piping for a freestanding bath, ensured floors were level and that the floors could bear the weight of the new bath when in use.

We also fitted a modular style basin with separate shower cubicles. To top it off, we added the finishing touches by tilling the room. These bathroom photographs display the completed bathroom in all its glory.

If you have a project in mind, whether it is a new boiler, shower or even a new bathroom, SGS is your local ‘one-stop’ solution.

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