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Heating Advice For New Homebuyers (Part 1)

A new home is a big investment.  Checking the condition of your home heating system and identifying whether any additional work will be required is vitally important.  In this series of blog posts, we will help you know what to expect, enabling you to better plan your finances for the future.


It’s taken years of saving and what seems like an unending number of viewings, but you are finally about to sign on the dotted line for your new home.  But before you do, ask yourself whether you checked the condition of the boiler and central heating?

Although not always the first thing on your mind, taking the time to look at how well the systems in your home function should be a main priority and could save you thousands.  For example, a new boiler could cost in the region of £3k, whereas with a full refit and radiator installs you could be looking at more like the best part of £10k.


Where to Start…

First and foremost, make a beeline for the boiler.  It is the engine room of your home’s heating and the best place to begin.


  • Where is it?  If you don’t know, ask

You’ll be surprised how many homebuyers don’t even look for the boiler during their viewings, but it is important that you know where your boiler is.  It may well also be that the ‘additional storage’ that you thought you had in your hallway actually houses your boiler – you’d better find another place for those towels.


Another good reference point to know is whether your boiler a regular, combi or system?  Again, this helps when it comes to maintenance as well as knowing what size of space is required within the property.


  • Check the service history. Don’t just take their word for it, ask for proof!

Just like cars, a good service history is a great way to tell whether a boiler has been looked after and is a good indicator of what sort of condition you can expect to find it in.

It’s always good practice to see proof as well, especially when it comes to boilers – we’ve seen several cases where homeowners have assumed the working condition of their boiler, only to get into the beginnings of winter and find some nasty (and often expensive) surprises!


Once you’ve done these initial steps, you’re likely to be in a good position to estimate what condition the rest of the system is like in the property.



When continuing around the property, our top three tips are:

Look. If any or all parts look new and/or clean, then there’s a good chance that the unit or system has been looked after.

Test.  If it turns on, test it.  This goes for most things in the property, including lights, showers and radiators.

Make Notes.  Once you have checked the property, you will have a good picture of the overall condition of the heating, electrics and plumbing. This means that if any work may need doing, you can factor this into your budget planning.


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If you are looking to invest in a new home it is always good to get a professional opinion.  A comprehensive condition report will provide you will all the information about the condition of your home energy systems.

This will also highlight any areas that may require attention, which means you are better informed of the potential costs.  Our engineers are NICEIC, GasSafe and OFTEC qualified, ensuring the best service for one of your most valuable assets.

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