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5 Essential Steps to Setup Your Energy in a New House


Moving to a new house is a stressful but exciting experience! Sorting out your energy suppliers in a new home is just one task on a long to-do list, but this helpful checklist can make sure that all your boxes are ticked when it comes to working with energy suppliers while you move.


Before the Big Day

It is important to inform the energy supplier of your old home that you are moving in good time before your moving day. This can make sure that your contract with the energy company is cancelled without any hiccups and you will not continue to be charged once you have left the house.

On your very last day before moving, it is a great idea to take your meter readings one last time to send to your energy supplier before they provide you with your final statement.

Your New Energy Supplier

The first step when you have moved into your new home is to find out who the current energy supplier is. The sooner you can find out, the better as the house’s current supplier has likely put you on its default or standard tariff until you register with them. This is usually their most expensive charge, so getting this information and contacting the energy company should be a high priority.

You can visit Find My Supplier or, if possible, ask the previous occupants or landlord who the current supplier is.

Find Your Meters

A standard part of moving into a new house is figuring out where everything is. This includes your gas and electricity meters. This is often shown to you by the estate agent, landlord, or developer if your home is on a new estate. They will most likely be in a hallway, kitchen, or in an external meter box on the outside of the property.

Once you have located your meters, you should make note of the meter readings ideally as soon as you move in so that the energy supplier cannot try and charge you for energy that the previous occupants have used!

Contact Your Supplier

By getting in touch with your new energy supplier sooner rather than waiting for your first bill to arrive, you can ensure that they have all the necessary information, and your home is on the correct tariff. This can prevent administrative issues down the road when you receive you first energy bill.

Switching Suppliers

When you have unloaded the last box and have started settling into your new home, now is the time to consider switching to a different energy supplier. You can often shop around to get better deals and cheaper rates through trusted comparison websites.


Now that you have moved to a new house, it is worth getting in touch to schedule in an annual boiler service to ensure everything is in top condition and working as energy-efficiently as possible. If you are in our local area, book in today and one of our expert engineers will be out soon.

Now is also the perfect time to sign up to an SGS Service Plan! This will give you peace of mind and protect you from potentially costly repairs and maintenance charges. Find out more about our plans today and get in touch for more information.

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