June 7, 2023

The true power of Solar… the power to save energy and money…

Here’s another Solar PV installed by SGS in time to capture those summer rays to generate FREE electricity and to reduce energy bills for another happy customer ⚡️💸.

Our customer has already saved almost £100 in energy bills, since this system went live just 2 weeks ago. In fact, in just 2 weeks their home has only needed to draw 10Kw in total from the grid and at an average of 0.34p p/Kwh – that’s an electricity bill of just £3.64. Wouldn’t we all love a bill like that!

Their home used 291Kw over this period, so their electricity bill would have been nearly £100 if they hadn’t switched over to Solar.

This 6.64Kw array has produced enough electricity to make their home 95% self-sufficient from the grid. 👍

Installed system:

✅ 6.6k Kw Solar panel array

✅ GivEnergy  gen2 5kw inverter

✅ 10.4Kw Battery Storage

✅ myenergi Eddi

✅ 7Kw Zappi black untethered EV Charger


This really is a perfect renewables package all put together and installed by the SGS renewables and electrical team.


Apart from Saving Energy what are some of the other benefits of Solar Power?
  • It’s a renewable energy source which helps to reduce carbon emissions
  • It can help you to save money on electricity bills
  • It requires minimal maintenance, as they have no moving parts to wear out


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